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Vet Candy Magazine, January 2022

January 20, 2022

We are all familiar with New Year resolutions. We vow to lose weight, or get a new raise at work. However, sometimes we are so busy chasing these smaller goals we fail to look at the big picture. Life goals are the big goals in life. The goals that define who we want to be as people, and what we want out of our lives.

In this issue, we are introducing you to Dr. Kathryn Slaughter-Mehfound, someone who has been checking off the boxes of many of her life goals, including getting married, completing a residency, having a baby, and starting a new life in Kentucky.  Dr. Kathryn is a board certified equine surgeon who recently completed a residency at the University of Illinois, during which, she was pregnant with her first child, Caroline.

Dr. Kathryn is also working on a new life goal which is hosting a new podcast with Vet Candy.  This new show is all about the ups and downs of motherhood – and aptly titled: How does she do it?  With the podcast, Dr. Kathryn promises to talk about real life lessons from one mother to another. 

We also have some other great information in this issue that will help you live your best life. 


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