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Crying, laughing, and singing with actress Reagan Pasternak

December 20, 2021

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On this episode we meet the phenomenal Reagan Pasternak, you may recognize her from HBO's Sharp Objects, where she played a grown up version of a mean girl.  But, what you may not know is that Reagan is the complete opposite of that character, she's kind, sweet, and a passionate animal lover.


Reagan started writing ‘Griffin’s Heart’ after the death of her soulmate animal, Griffin, as a way to help heal her wounded heart and find meaning in her grief. Griffin's Heart provides readers with interactive tools, healing exercises, and unwavering companionship to help them navigate their grief and honor the life of their beloved animal ‘being.'

The culture of grief when it comes to our animal companions leaves many bereaved pet owners feeling lost and isolated. Too often, the expectation from friends and family is that the mourning period should last no more than a few days to weeks. But the loss of an animal can be equally as devastating as a human loss — it’s just that the support and resources for this brand of grief have been in short supply.


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